Cassandra Table structure/Terminology Before going to learn CQL commands, we just need to know terminology in cassandra. RDBMS Cassandra Terminology Database Keyspace Table Column Family Primary key Row Key Column name Column name Column¬†value column value CQL Commands Creating a key-space [crayon-5f028e52262d4968348599/] Use the keyspace¬†(will use that key space) [crayon-5f028e52262e0152869697/] […]

Cassandra query language (CQL) and Cassandra Java Client Example

Below are some Sqoop Export Commands and Other Miscellaneous commands Sqoop-export It is nothing but exporting data from HDFS to database. To use ‘export‘ command, a table in database should already exist. then only export functionality in sqoop will works. export command will works in two ways 1. insert 2. […]

Sqoop Export Commands