Pig Interview Questions for experienced and freshers

Real Time Hadoop Interview Questions from Various interviews Hive – Where do you use Internal or Managed table? What scenarios? In your resume, what do you mean by, “monitoring & managing MapReduce jobs”? Explain? Interviewer’s Project: How to modify the RDBMs’ Nested SQL queries into Hadoop framework using Pig. Sqoop: […]

Real Time Hadoop Interview Questions From Different Readers

1. What does commodity Hardware in Hadoop world mean? ( D ) a) Very cheap hardware b) Industry standard hardware c) Discarded hardware d) Low specifications Industry grade hardware 2. Which of the following are NOT big data problem(s)? ( D) a) Parsing 5 MB XML file every 5 minutes […]

100 Interview Questions on Hadoop

Below are a few more Pig Interview Questions and Answers 1. What is a tuple? A tuple is an ordered set of fields and A field is a piece of data. 2. What is a relation in Pig? A Pig relation is a bag of tuples. A Pig relation is similar […]

Pig Interview Questions and Answers Part – 2

Below are some of the Hadoop Pig Interview questions and answers that suitable for both freshers and experienced hadoop programmers. 1. What is Apache Pig? Pig is a scripting language for exploring huge data sets of size gigabytes or terabytes very easily. Pig provides an engine for executing data flows in […]

Hadoop Pig Interview Questions and Answers Part – 1