Datanode denied communication with namenode

Error Scenario:

Datanode denied communication with namenode:

We usually get this error message while adding a data node to an existing HDFS cluster or at the time of cluster setup. Below is the snapshot of this error message from log file in data node.

Root Cause:

This error message is receive if the hadoop user (for example hduser) on namenode machine doesn’t have full (write) permissions to the directory location <> on data node machine. This directory exists in the local file system of the data node.

In the above example scenario, the name node ( is not having write access to /home/hduser/hdfs directory on data node and that’s why

When is triggered from namenode,

  1. namenode is trying to start the data node daemon and
  2. create the data/current directory under <> location on Datanode-dn1.
  3. Since, hduser@Namenode-nn doesn’t have write access to Datanode-dn1, datanode is denying the hduser@Namenode-nn to create directories on datanode.


By giving full permissions to hduser@Namenode-nn for <> location we can avoid this error message.

Give  full permissions with the help of below command to <>

With this command (3rd digit 7), ) any other users will have read (4) + execute (1) + write (2) access to this directory.

So, now hduser@Namenode-nn can create sub directories data/current under /home/user/hdfs on data node.

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