Eclipse Mapreduce Example

b)  Similarly create Right click on src –> New –> Other –> Map/Reduce folder  and Select Reducer for creating our reducer class WordCountReducer.

 c)  Create the WordCount driver class. Right click on src –> New –> Other –> Map/Reduce folder  and Select MapReducer for creating our reducer class WordCountReducer.

 Once the three classes are saved .class files would have been generated automatically.

4.  Lets create a jar file from the class files. Select WordCount project.

Go to File –> Export –> Java –>  JAR File

Export Jar

Provide the destination folder for JAR files and Jar file name.


5.  Copy this wordcount.jar file to hadoop node, and execute the jar file with input files.

 6.  Validate the output results.


So, finally we have successfully ran sample mapreduce program Word Count developed in eclipse environment.

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