Java Binary Input and Output

Java Binary Input and Output:

Java provides two types of streams to address binary input and output operations.

Data Streams:
  • Data stream API supports binary input/output of Java Primitive data types (boolean, char, byte, short, int, long, float, and double) and String values. 

  • Java provides two important interface for Data Streams – DataInput & DataOutput.  And the classes implementing these interfaces are – DataInputStream & DataOutputStream respectively.

Data type                  Output Method                                    Input Method

double                  DataOutputStream.writeDouble            DataInputStream.readDouble
int                         DataOutputStream.writeInt                   DataInputStream.readInt
String                    DataOutputStream.writeUTF               DataInputStream.readUTF

  • DataOutputStream or DataInputStream can only be created as a wrapper for an existing byte stream object.

Sample Code snippet to use above described methods:

  • In each write operation on DataOutputStream, data will be serialized into binary format and in each read operation, data is being de-serialized from binary format.

  • DataStreams detects an end-of-file condition by catching EOFException, instead of testing for an invalid return value.

Object Streams:
  • Similar to Data Streams, Object streams support binary I/O of objects. All these classes implement Serializable interface.

  • ObjectInput and ObjectOutput interaces are sub interfaces of DataInput and DataOutput interfaces respectively.

  • Basic implementations of above two interfaces are – ObjectInputStream & ObjectOutputStream respectively.

  • An object stream can contain a mixture of primitive and object values.

 Sample Code snippet using writeObject() and readObject() methods.

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