QuerySurge single machine installation – Windows

QuerySurge single machine installation – Windows

1. Download the QuerySurge Installer to the machine you want to install QuerySurge on.

2. Double click on the QuerySurge Installer to start the installation process.



Click “Next” to accept the License Agreement, and “Next” again to set the installation directory.

3. On the ‘Select Components’ section, make sure “Database”, “Server”, “Agent” are checked.

Leave “Tutorial + Sample Data” checked to install the QuerySurge Sample Data and Tutorial.

Press “Next”.



4. Use the default “QuerySurge Database Port” value of “3306”, unless it is already in use, and click the “Next” button to continue.



5. Use the default QuerySurge Application Server Ports, unless either is already in use, and press the “Next” button to continue



6. Select which data source drivers you’d like to connect to from QuerySurge. Selected driver(s) will be installed as part of the Agent installation process. After selecting your driver(s), click the “Next” button.



Note: If you do not see your specific data source technology listed, you can add additional vendor drivers to QuerySurge post-installation

7. You will need to accept the license terms for the drivers you have selected. Click “Next” once you have accepted each required license.

8. After the installation is complete, click the “Finish” button to close the Installer and launch

QuerySurge in your default browser.


When you have finished this section, your installation is complete.

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