Querysurge Tool for Hadoop Testing

Querysurge Tool for Hadoop Testing

The QuerySurge CASE tool developed by RTTS is a tool that assists the DW testers in preparing and scheduling query pairs to compare data transformed from the source to the destination, for example; preparing a query pair one that runs on a DS and the other on the ODS to verify the completeness, correctness, and consistency of the structure of data and the data transformed from the DS to ODS.

Strengths and areas covered

1. Web based tool, installs on both Windows and Linux platforms

2. Supports following database products:

– Exadata
– Teradata
– Aster
– SQL Server
– Netezza
– DB2
– Informix
– Sybase
– Vertica

3. Testers, Developers, Data Analyst and Operation teams can share information on the health of data through a collaborative platform that querysurge provides.

4. Testing is possible at each touchpoint of data movement i.e.

Source data (facebook, twitter, emails, web data to mongoDB), Ingestion (Between MongoDB and Hadoop) and between Hadoop to Relational DB and data warehousing

5. Querysurge has option to create Design Library (create query pairs for both source and target SQLs) and Schedulig (build groups of query pairs, schedule test runs)

6. It has Run Dashboard module (view real time execution, analyze real time results) and Deep Dive Reporting (examine and automatically email test results)

7. Data health dashboard option helps to view data reliability and pass rate, add, move, filter and zoom in on any data widget and underlying data. Verfies build sucess and failure.

8. From ROI perspective, querysurge would be helpful in terms of an increase in test coverage, saving over manual testing (reduction of queries and manual comparisons) and increase in better data due to shorter and more thorough testing cycle.

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