Sharing Windows Folders Across Linux Machines in a Network

Sharing Windows Folders Across Linux Machines in a Network

Below are the high level steps to Share files from a windows 7 machine to Linux Ubuntu 14.04 Machine. A common goal of setting up computers on a local network is being able to share files and folders. In order for file sharing to work, the computers must exist on the same network and Workgroup.

Enabling Sharing on Windows Folders

Sharing of files directly across network is not allowed. So, we have to copy files into one directory and that directory/folder can be shared. Right click on the folder and select Share with –> Specific People as shown below.

Share Files on Windows

Then we will get below screen. Here we can either find people on the same domain or we can share it with every one as shown below.

File Sharing Options

Accessing Shared Files on Ubuntu

Now Login, to your remote Ubuntu 14.04 machine is connected in the same network, Go To Home Directory via File System and then select File –> Connect to Server as shown below.

Connect to Server

Connect to Server Options

In the below screen, we need to provide Ip address of the windows machine in smb:// protocol, and then it asks for user name, domain group and password to login. Once we provide credentials, From there onwards we will be able to access the shared folders as shown below.

Shared files on Ubuntu

Thus we can easily use Ubuntu to access shared folders on a Windows 7 machine that co-exists on the same Workgroup.

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