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Error Scenario:  

storage directory does not exist or is not accessible / Exception in namenode join

When we receive the error messages in name node log or data node logs similar to below then it belongs to this error scenario.

Root Cause:

This kind of error messages are received, when we are configuring hadoop without creating source directories for saving namenode or datanode meta data files in local file system.

These are the directories defined in <> & <> environment variables in hdfs-site.xml file.

For example in the below settings,

We should have already created below two directories



though it is not mandatory to create name or data sub directories under these.

In our error scenario case,

We have directory level created only up to /usr/lib/hadoop/hadoop-2.3.0 but hdfs/namenode or hdfs/datanode directories are not created.

So, we have received error messages, stating that hdfs/namenode or hdfs/datanode storage directories doesn’t exist.


To resolve this kind of error messages,
  1. We need to make sure that entire source directory level is created before starting namenode or datanode daemons.
  2. Also we need to give full (r+w+x) permissions on these storage directories to hadoop user account (say hduser for example).

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