Installing Apache Storm The prerequisite for storm to work on the machine. a. Download and installation commands for ZeroMQ 2.1.7: Run the following commands on terminals [crayon-5e88c77f12aa3940753290/] b. Download and installation commands for JZMQ:  [crayon-5e88c77f12ab0838018170/]   2. Download latest storm from http://storm.apache.org/downloads.html  [crayon-5e88c77f12ab4988529516/] Second start Storm Cluster by starting master […]

Apache Storm Integration With Apache Kafka

While developing Kafka, the main focus was to provide the following:   An API for producers and consumers to support custom implementation   Low overheads for network and storage with message persistence on disk   A high throughput supporting millions of messages for both publishing and subscribing—for example, real-time log […]

Kafka Design